1890 Tribuzio Squeeze Pistol With Ring Trigger


1890 Tribuzio Squeeze Pistol With Ring Trigger

(Image: Screenshot from video)

In this video, Ian takes a look at a funky “squeeze pistol.” You know, one of those little poppers you hold in your hand and squeeze rather than pulling a trigger with one finger. Except this one has a ring-type trigger and you have to pull (squeeze!) it with a less-dominant finger. At least, I’m hoping you don’t use your middle finger so often that it’s more dominant than your index finger.

The cool thing is that this handgun was designed about 130 years ago, in Italy.┬áThe guy’s name was Catello Tribuzio (Trabuzio?), and he clearly knew his stuff.

Examination shows just how simple it is, and the clever way it was designed. The sear and ejector are the same part, and the magazine features a pair of springs that kinda-sorta act as feed lips.

Get in a fray but don’t need to actually shoot someone? The body is nickel-plated brass, so it’s weighty enough to clobber a foe if it comes down to fisticuffs.

The cartridge was a rather stumpy one, probably rimmed and probably loaded with black powder, and this pistol has a rifled bore which measures 7.65mm.

Perhaps this is where the designers got the inspiration for the “noisy cricket” in the film “Men in Black.” Hmmm?

Like what you see? Well fortunately for you it will soon (Sept 12, 2020) come up for auction at the Rock Island Auction Company. Good luck bidding!

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