Harrell on Shooting in Low Light


Harrell on Shooting in Low Light

Paul sits in low light to talk about shooting in low light.
(Image: Screenshot from video)

Here’s an older video from Paul Harrell, back to his roots as a no-nonsense instructor type without a surplus of talk. This one is about shooting in low light, something which can be pretty tough to do.

His first technique is all about muscle memory, and involves drawing and pointing your firearm at a target with your eyes closed, adjusting, and training yourself to recognize the correct position. As he says, “Get the feel of that.”

Adding to this instruction is “flash fire,” which means you fire the first shot using the “natural point of aim” described above, then adjust your aim according to what the light of the muzzle flash reveals.

Another method? Shotgun. Simply because it shoots a pattern of multiple projectiles instead of a single bullet, which increases your odds of actually hitting something. But as he demonstrates, at close range (say in a home defense situation) the pattern isn’t usually all that big.

Next, he turns on the camera’s night mode and does some firing in the dark to test his methods. The results may surprise you. Paul isn’t invincible!

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