Trijicon Rolls Out New Concealed Carry Reflex Optic


Trijicon Rolls Out New Concealed Carry Reflex Optic

Michigan-based Trijicon chose September 01 to announce a long-awaited product. It’s a concealed carry optic, which they call the RMRcc.

The company’s landmark RMR product line is so popular, the model name is often conflated with any brand’s reflex optic. Despite that, the company lagged behind many competitors in rolling out a compact edition appropriate for concealment-size guns.

Lightweight and low-profile aims were met with the new optic. It weighs just an ounce, battery included, with its 7075-T6 aluminum frame. Its dimensions come in at just under one inch in height and width. It’s also thinner overall than the original RMR. This new release has black finish; the finish treatment is not yet disclosed.

Though the construction is lightweight, Trijicon says the RMRcc will stand up to the stoutest recoil from even 45 ACP and 10mm. With one of the available mounting bases, it can be affixed to most any pistol including 1911s.

Ease of use is designed into the brightness buttons. Powering the optic is a common 2032 battery, which should deliver up to four years of illumination. Not as easy is replacing the battery through the bottom-located port—a disappointment for many who put off buying a concealment optic in anticipation of a miniaturized Trijicon RMR.

Two dot sizes are available, 3.25, suitable for general shooting, or 6.5 MOA, offering quick sight acquisition for close quarters work. There will surely be some who bemoan not having a range of dot sizes in a single optic. The company says the optic is parallax-free, offering the same point-and-shoot speed and convenience associated with other reflex optics.

Trijicon promises the dot to be bright and clearly visible in all light conditions. Here is where some custom options exist. There are eight pre-sets for the user to store his or her favorite brightness, with a lock-in button to prevent unintentional changes if the buttons come into contact with pressure. There’s also an ambient light auto-adjust, which can be the user’s setting of choice and always kicks on after 16.5 hours. This feature conserves battery life.

Just a coin is needed to adjust windage and elevation, so adjustments will be easy to make on the firing line.

The RMRcc is so new, it doesn’t yet appear on the Trijion website. Nor is there a published price as of this writing. Other RMR editions are priced $599 to $841 depending on features. With few options on the compact side of the reflex market, this new Trijicon optic should prove popular.

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