Breech-Loading Conversion of a Harper’s Ferry 1841 “Mississippi Rifle”


Breech-Loading Conversion of a Harper’s Ferry 1841 “Mississippi Rifle”

(Image: Screenshot from video)

This is an interesting old rifle… it’s a breech-loading conversion of a Harper’s Ferry “Mississippi rifle,” made on the Merrill design.

If you like listing to Ian talk, you’ll have a solid 5 minutes of fun before you get to see the actual action, which is why I came.

Also disappointing is the fact that he spends more time lecturing about Jeff Davis than discussing the action, which appears quite well-designed and plenty strong… but like many YouTube commenters, I’m most curious about the ring on the “breech plug,” which most likely originally contained some sort of malleable material to act as a gas seal. Alas, Ian speeds on past this interesting mechanical function to discuss the brass fixtures on the stock.

Is it worth a watch? Most certainly!

This .58-caliber rifle was auctioned on September 12, 2020, but at the time of this writing the sale price hasn’t been entered on Rock Island’s website.

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