Handgun Ammo Choices for Zombies


Handgun Ammo Choices for Zombies

We may not yet be in a full-blown zombie epidemic, but if you were to visit California or New York, you might think it was. There is even a gun writer physician down here in the Mississippi Delta who thinks it might be coming soon. Of course, he works in the emergency room of a local hospital, so there’s no wonder he is a gun writer on the side.

For purposes here, we’ll define a zombie as one of those drug-crazed, blown-out-minded derelicts high on PCP, uppers, downers, coke (not the drink) or whatever, whom you can see virtually anywhere these days on the inner city streets, downtown Seattle, or outside the fancy restaurants in San Francisco. A zombie could also be that un-ladylike type who didn’t get her morning coffee, or just found out her latest tattoo was put on upside down or misspelled. You know the type.

Then there are the everyday kinda thugs you see hanging in the shadows at gas stations, mall parking lots, cruising store front liquor stores or other locales of thuggery opportunity just waiting to assault you. So, all these types total, how do you stop them (hopefully in their tracks) if bodily threated? Here are some of the top ammo choices in the prime prepper, self-defense categories for concealed carry or personal protection. Penetration and expansion.

For the 380 ACP, which has made great gains in the realm of self-defense lately, consider the Federal 90 grain Hi-Shok JHP at 1000 fps and 200 ft. pounds, the Hornady 90 JHP/XTP rated the same, or the Winchester Silvertip HP, 85 grains at 1000/189. Range shoot at 3 and 7 yards with your personal carry weapon.

The 9mm has so many choices. Black Hills has a 115 grain JHP +P that goes 1300 fps with 431 ft/lbs of energy. Federal’s 115 grain Hi-Shok JHP travels at 1160 with 345 ft/lbs. Magtech has their 115 JHP +P at 1246/397. Remington’s 124 grain BJHP rolls out at 1125 with 349 ft/lbs. There are way too many other 9mm loads to mention, but stay with something flying at 1100 feet per second at least with a good expanding bullet design.

The 45 ACP is still the low and slow, but good to go round for self-defense, if you can handle the recoil. There is a Federal 165 HS-JHP at 1060/410, and a Hornady 200 HP/XTP+P at 1055/494. Remington and Winchester both have good self-defense rounds as well.

These aren’t the only choices, but the point is the same whether you use a 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 10mm Auto, 41 Magnum, 44 Special or others. When it comes to a zombie threat, you don’t want to get caught loaded with any puny round-nose plinking ammo. Pick the best round for protection, practice with it, and carry it.

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