Jerry Miculek’s Trigger Finger is Faster Than This Full-Auto


Jerry Miculek’s Trigger Finger is Faster Than This Full-Auto

He’s firing in both views. (Image: Screenshot from video)

When you think of Jerry Miculek, you think fast shooting. And when you think of full auto, you think the same. But in this video, Jerry shoots a fully-automatic firearm that’s slower than he is with a semi-auto: The M3 “Grease Gun.”

Chambered for 45 ACP, the Grease Gun was a bargain-basement submachinegun conjured up in the USA during WW2, and built on the cheap out of stamped sheet metal parts. Overall, it’s a piece of junk, but this video proves that when they work. They can be accurate and controllable at the close ranges for which they were intended.

When Jerry fires the M3, he looks plumb bored. Something tells me he could make a sandwich while dumping the mag, and never miss a shot. He does raise his head while firing, then turn to look at the camera long before the mag runs dry.

It’s a fun little 3-minute video. Enjoy!

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