Making Wax Slugs From Bird Shot Shells


Making Wax Slugs From Bird Shot Shells

(Image: Screenshot from video)

In these times of ammo shortages, folks wonder how to procure ammunition that would be effective for defense. And when shotgun shells loaded with birdshot are what’s available, that’s what you use. But can the effectiveness of birdshot be enhanced by embedding the shot pellets in molten wax to create a “wax slug?” Hm…

Paul Harrell describes the “wax slugs” he’s made up for testing, and then talks about the four questions he wishes to address about them:

  • Will a wax slug break apart in flight, or remain intact until it reaches a target?
  • If it remains intact, will it be accurate?
  • What sort of effect will it have on whatever it hits — especially compared with birdshot, buckshot, or shotgun slugs?
  • Why? Why even make a wax slug?

And so, on to testing! At 15 yards, we see that the wax slugs do indeed hold together, and they are quite accurate. Nice. But when he tries another brand & shot size, accuracy really goes to pot.

On to effectiveness. He reels out the classic meat target, which he shoots with:

  • No. 7-1/2 birdshot at 5 yards (impressive)
  • No. 7-1/2 birdshot “wax slug” at 5 yards (even more impressive)
  • One-ounce rifled slug at 5 yards (devastating)

So… why make wax slugs? Here are a few answers:

  • Why not?
  • To extend the effective range of bird shot shells.
  • Can’t find any slugs to buy.
  • I’m a cheapskate or can’t afford slugs, which cost a lot more than birdshot.

Enjoy the video, and comment to let us know what you think.

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