2012 Harrell Shooting Giant Handguns


2012 Harrell Shooting Giant Handguns

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Well, here’s a blast (heh) from the past! It’s a 2012 video from Paul Harrell in which he has some fun shooting big handguns.

The guns he fires are:

  • S&W Model 29 (44 Remington Magnum)
  • Magnum Research BFR (444 Marlin)
  • S&W Model 500 (500 S&W Magnum)
  • Howdah double barrel muzzleloading pistol (.62 caliber)

He has a high old time in low resolution, and it’s pretty cool to watch, especially if you don’t have first-hand experience shooting powerful handguns in huge calibers.

2012’s Paul Harrell is not the same guy we watch these days, but then again he wasn’t trying so hard to come up with video ideas back then. But he is still one of the most knowledgeable folks on YouTube when it comes to shootin’ irons, and he’s certainly not a wuss when it comes to recoil, as so many of today’s limp-wristed “gun guys” seem to be.

Anyhow, enjoy the video.

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