A Double-Barrel Ten-Shot Magazine-Fed… Bow?


A Double-Barrel Ten-Shot Magazine-Fed… Bow?

(Image: Screenshot from video)

We haven’t heard from our archery-crazed German friend in a while, YouTuber JoergSprave of The Slingshot Channel, so here’s a short and sweet video from him showing his “Instant Legolas” arrow magazine system being used on two bows at once!

He conjured up an interesting way of making a bow into a magazine-fed repeater, naming it Instant Legolas in honor of that J.R.R. Tolkein character who can fire arrows exceedingly fast. This video features a double-barrel version of it using two lightweight Mongolian-style bows.

He harnessed his mad woodworking genius to fashion a way to attach the bows together side-by-side, then he built two identical arrow magazines, each capable of holding five arrows. Attaching it all together, he mounted them to a central rail.

Each draw of the bow actually draws both bows at the same time, and a thumb-operated trigger mechanism at the rear allows him to fire them one at a time or both at once.

He even invented a spring-loaded do-hickey up front that allows him to use a finger of his bow hand to help hold the bows at full draw. Brilliant!

Check it out… I predict you’re going to want one by the time it’s over.

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