Watch: The Jerry Miculek Story


Watch: The Jerry Miculek Story

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“One thing I was taught is to never waste a sunrise. My dad was a hard worker, so it kinda instilled into me the fact that when the sun come up, you should be up.”

Professional shooter Jerry Miculek is well-known by shooters and gun folks, and he’s known for posting short videos, but this one is a little different. It’s called “Get Some! The Jerry Miculek Story” and it’s about 44 minutes long.

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Obviously I’m not going to try to do a blow-by-blow on this video, but here are some highlights:

– Both Jerry’s parents were hard-working farm kids from Texas, and his father was raised on a small farm with three brothers.
– Jerry loves revolvers because when he was coming up, revolvers were king and some of his role models (Bill Jordan, Ed McGivern) did impressive speed work with revolvers
– Jerry’s job is shooting, and he’s done it in 20 countries — including Russia, where he competed with a semi-auto rifle.
– He grew up in south Louisiana and has always loved guns and the great outdoors.
– Jerry worked as a mechanic at a chemical plant for about 15 years before he was able to start shooting for a living.
– He grew up with 4 brothers and no sisters.
– When he worked as a mechanic, he exercised his trigger finger during his daily commutes using an old K-frame S&W revolver that had been through a fire.
– He prefers speed shooting because there’s always room for improvement; there is no perfect score, so he can always improve and do better.
– He’s done a lot of competition with pistols, rifles, and shotguns as well as revolvers.
– Jerry’s wife was a gunsmith and skilled competitive shooter before they even met.

“I had to marry the lady. She just shot too damn good.”

– Jerry and Kay’s daughter Lena Miculek is also an award-winning competitive shooter who currently works as a shooter for Sig Sauer.
– Jerry owns a large shooting range where he can train in any shooting skill at any time.
– Jerry’s reloading shop is set up to load about 60 cartridges and he keeps enough lead alloy on hand to cast roughly 4 million bullets.
– He’s been accused of using substances to enhance performance — but says the only ones he’s used are chocolate syrup, chocolate bars, candy cigarettes, and wax lips.
– Jerry’s been competing in shooting since 1976.
– He tries to forget past wins and performances whenever he shoots a competition; this helps him concentrate on the “here and now,” which is the only place/time in which we live.
– Jerry, Kay, and Lena like to get together and shoot side by side to push one another to do better.
– At age 65, Jerry is still looking to get better every day.
– Jerry has a special secret warmup routine for his trigger finger — which he says he will “take to his grave.”

“To be quite honest with you, I can’t wait for the next sunrise; I get to do it all over again.”

What a great outlook. Gotta love Jerry!

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