Check Out This Lady Shooter’s Incredibly Fast Shotgun Reload


Check Out This Lady Shooter’s Incredibly Fast Shotgun Reload

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Here is a short-and-sweet video for y’all, showing a young lady who is incredibly speedy at reloading and firing her pump shotgun for western 3-gun shooting competitions.

Reloading the gun is part of the competition, and the faster you do it, the better. Jessie Abbate, who competes under the name “Jasmine Jessie,” has obviously practiced these reloads a lot, and when she picks up a shotgun with 2 shells in the magazine, she has 4 more shells in her hands — two in each hand.

She can fire the first two shells, then start reloading. She loads and fires each additional shell one at a time — and she completes the entire process in about 5 seconds! Wow.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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