Hit your Mark! NEW Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target


Hit your Mark! NEW Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target

If you’re looking to hone in your accuracy for this year’s fall hunting season you might want to look into this new offering from Grizzly Targets. Grizzly Targets is now offering what they call the Double Vital Hunting Target. This steel target is made from 3/8″ thick AR500 steel and provides shooters with two “vital” reactive target areas to shoot at for immediate signaling of successful impacts.

The New Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target

The New Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target

Grizzly claims that the new target is suitable for everything from rimfire all the way up to shotgun slugs and even centerfire rifle cartridges when shot at the right distance (listed as 3,000 FPS at range). The full product description of the Double Vital Steel Hunting Target can be read below as presented by Grizzly off of their website:

The Grizzly Double Vitals Target is THE Hunter’s Target. It’s a ⅓ scale steel beast made using ⅜” thick AR500 steel and is completely ready to take a pounding.

This target is ½ buck, ½ hog and 100% a beast.

Getting ready to hunt is one of the best parts, but constantly walking down range to check paper targets is a waste of time! Well, we’ve fixed that by designing this hunting target’s TWO vital zones to reset using gravity from side to side.

Each of this target’s two vital zones is 3” in diameter and the AR500 target itself sits on an elevated 6.5” galvanized stand.

Additionally, to keep the 3” paddle moving smoothly from shot to shot, the target itself is set in a downward angle. This also works to keep bullet fragments and rounds safely below the target.

Like all Grizzly Targets products, this hunting target is overbuilt using heavy gauge steel, Grade 8 hardware and galvanized to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Target features include the following:

  • Designed by hunters, for hunters
  • The target face measures 33” wide x 12” tall
  • Completely galvanized for weatherproofing and protection from rounds/splatter
  • Made of 3/8″ AR500 steel, rated for Handgun, Rifle Rim Fire and Shotgun

The New Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target

The target costs almost $200 (MSRP $195.95) so I sure hope it could stand up to centerfire hunting cartridges. Even more of a question would be if a rimfire rifle could flip the Double Vital area and flip it reliably at 25 yards. The biggest problem I tend to encounter when shooting reactive targets with smaller cartridges is that they tend not to have enough energy to flip the target over. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem for most handgun and centerfire rifle cartridges.

The New Grizzly Double Vital Steel Hunting Target

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