Watch as This Cougar Chases a Hiker — for 5 Minutes!


Watch as This Cougar Chases a Hiker — for 5 Minutes!

(Image: Screenshots from video)

LANGUAGE WARNING! This video contains multiple F bombs and quite a few S words which equate with “poop” (but they are mostly bleeped out).

This video demonstrates a great reason to always carry a firearm, no matter where you are. Not all threats walk on two legs.

This six-minute video begins with a hiker foolishly approaching a mountain lion crouched in the trail ahead of him, facing away. We see another big cat turn and run the other way, then apparently circle back out of view. Something, perhaps that same cat, approaches and the crouched cougar turns and runs towards the hapless hiker. This is when the hiker begins to rapidly back away as he employs the only weapon he can think of: Cuss words.

The cat leaves the trail for a bit, and the hiker decides he’ll repel the cat by being a dog… so he barks. This is rapidly followed by “Oh s–t” multiple times, as apparently this big cat is hungry for some pet pooch. Yummy!

Incredibly, it keeps coming at him as he backs away, growling and roaring and yelling — and eventually resorting to “please,” which also fails. What I don’t understand is why he didn’t at least kick some rocks at the critter.

He does try some psychological warfare.

“Go away! I’m big and scary!”

“You’re good, little kitty-cat.”

“What’s up dude?”

“Nice and slow. Come on.” (Reverse psychology?)

By then, almost 2 minutes in, we see the cat answering him each time he roars at it. Yikes!

As he talks, he reveals part of the story; apparently the other cats were cubs and this is a mother cougar.

She keeps after him, growling and roaring… and near the 2:40 mark she makes a series of charges! And still he hasn’t kicked or thrown a rock at the beast.

Around three minutes in, he asks that question everyone asks when they’re caught unprepared:

“Gosh, f—, where’s my gun?”

More charges follow… along with more colorful phrases.

“I don’t feel like dying today.”

“This sucks ass.”

“Go get your babies. I just wanna go around.”

“Come on, dude.”

Finally, at 5:32, the camera dips and I think to myself, “Finally, he’s picked up a rock.” He apparently throws it, which sends the big cat fleeing away down the rocky two-track trail.

“Yeah, get the f— away from me… s–tface.”

Um, yeah.

Just think how much aggravation he could have saved by throwing that rock five minutes earlier? Ah well… but we would have been less entertained.

(Click the “full screen” icon to watch the video at full size, or it might cut off a lot of the picture.)

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