Five Products to Make Your Hunting Season Better


Five Products to Make Your Hunting Season Better

The hunting industry as a whole is constantly working on coming out with the next big thing. That one thing that everyone simply must have that will make him/her a better hunter and make the difference between a trophy on the wall versus a heaping helping of tag salad. The thing is, for the most part, it doesn’t work that way. The only thing that will make you a better hunter is time, patience and good old-fashioned work. There are, however, products that will make your hunting season better. These aren’t products that do anything more than help you enjoy yourself more. It’s the simple things in life that help, after all.

GoPro Zeus Mini

Zeus Mini
The Zeus mounts anywhere and has a long run time with multiple levels of brightness.

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts love flashlights and headlamps. We just do. A light of some kind is always a welcome gift (hint, hint) and we can never have enough of them. When I heard that GoPro had a small, compact light, my first reaction was that it didn’t seem to fit. I mean, GoPro makes cameras, right? I saw that the Zeus Mini works with the action cameras to provide lighting for your videos, so that made sense, but what else would you use it for? Then I got one. And I’ll admit, I got one for the purposes of video projects. The thing is, I’ve used it for everything but so far. The Zeus is a compact, rechargeable LED light that uses the standard GoPro mounts. That’s important, because I already have the mounts all over for video use. I’ve used the light in my boat while fishing at night so I can see to re-tie a line, or take a fish off. I’ve mounted one on my ATV helmet so I can find things away from the machine when I’m on a night ride. That works great when headed out to the stand in the morning, by the way. I have used it in the ground blind to get things situated. Using a GoPro hat clip gives you a quick headlamp that works extremely well and weighs next to nothing. The mounting options thanks to the GoPro mounts gives you limitless options for where and when you use the light. Think a little light will improve your hunting season? Try the GoPro Zeus Mini.

Learn more about the Zeus Here

Muddy Infinity 3 Ground Blind

Muddy blind
This blind has everything you’d need in a portable ground blind.

I have had a bit of bad luck with ground blinds lately before this season. I like to have 2-3 to use in spots where a treestand won’t work, or if I’m taking someone hunting with me that isn’t used to going up a ladder. For the past few seasons, it seems like the blinds have been disposable for me. Like, I wasn’t even getting a full season on one without it breaking.I decided to try out a Muddy Infinity blind this season, and so far I’ve been pretty impressed. We’ve had a major bit of wind these past few weeks and so far, the blind is still upright and unbroken. Yeah, the stakes did pull out and the blind was not in the same location I first put it, but that’s it. No broken poles, hubs or tears in the fabric. The outside is Veil Cerviade camo, which looks great in the field, too. If you want a ground blind to give you options when hunting this season, the Muddy blind can be a great bet.

Learn more about Muddy Blinds Here

Wildlife Research Center Magnum Scrape Dripper/Active-Scrape

A scrape dripper can bring deer to you if used right.

The first time I used this product, I didn’t use it right, so I wasn’t impressed with the results. Then, as it would happen, my buddy used the same exact product, but in a different manner than I did, and he shot a huge buck. Of course, I had to try it again, this time following the directions to the letter. I’ve seen a lot of products claim to do this or that with deer, and many of them do have some amount of success. However, if you want to have deer consistently visit a spot, setting up a scrape will more often than not have the desired effect. Think of it as social media for deer. It costs less than $20 and it works.

Learn more about Scrape Drippers Here

Bubba Proteus Ulu Knife

This is the handiest blade you’ll own. Seriously.

If you know what an ulu is, chances are you have one. These Alaskan knives are great for chopping, slicing and skinning. Bubba, the makes of the amazing fillet knives, have an ulu designed for the outdoor enthusiast. The best part is the handle, which is Bubba’s special non-slip design. These knives will make the job after the shot much easier and since that is a major part of my hunting season, you can see why I would want it on this list. Once you get one and use it the first time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Learn more about the Bubba Ulu Here

Stormy Kromer Cap

Warm and extremely well made – this is the last hunting hat you’ll need.

I like wearing caps when I’m doing stuff outdoors, but it also gets pretty darn cold when I’m out hunting. The most comfortable solution is a Stormy Kromer cap. It’s a snug-fitting, wool-blend hat that has flaps to cover your ears. These caps were designed and are still made in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where they know a thing or two about cold. Your hunting season will be better if you’re comfortable regardless of the weather conditions and a Kromer is the best way to make that happen.

Learn more about Stormy Kromers Here

Cover image: The Author – The right gear can make a huge difference, like with these two Sitka blacktails on Kodiak Island.

What is one thing you would suggest to other hunters to help them have a better season?

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