Ron Spomer on Hunting Bullet Performance


Ron Spomer on Hunting Bullet Performance

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This is an interesting video, especially if you are not an experienced hunter. And if you are, there’s still some good info to be gleaned. Ron Spomer talks about different types of hunting bullets, how they do what they do, and what to expect from each one in terms of performance.

The video title is “Copper Versus Lead Core Bullets — How They Work,” but that’s incomplete; this is about much more than just lead vs. copper. Spomer knows his stuff, and he does a good job describing various types of bullets and how they behave when they are fired into an animal.

Ever wondered why a bonded or partition bullet may be considered better or worse for a particular application? You will learn that here. And he does of course talk about all-copper bullets as well. I’m glad he does, because I personally am not a fan of them and would rather leave them to someone else.

He packs a lot of good info into 16 minutes, and although I have 38 years of big game hunting and “gun stuff” under my belt, there’s always something more to learn.

Enjoy, and happy hunting.

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