Ron Spomer on Hunting Bullet Performance


Ron Spomer on Hunting Bullet Performance

(Image: Screenshot from video)

This is an interesting video, especially if you are not an experienced hunter — and if you are, there’s still some good info to be gleaned. Ron Spomer talks about different types of hunting bullets and how they do what they do — and what to expect from each one in terms of performance.

The video title is “Copper Versus Lead Core Bullets — How They Work,” but that’s incomplete; this is about much more than just lead vs. copper. Spomer knows his stuff, and he does a good job describing various types of bullets and how they behave when they are fired into an animal.

Ever wondered why a bonded or partition bullet may be considered better or worse for a particular application? You will learn that here. And he does of course talk about all-copper bullets as well… and I’m glad he does, because I personally am not a fan of them and would rather leave them to someone else.

He packs a lot of good info into 16 minutes, and although I have 38 years of big game hunting and “gun stuff” under my belt, there’s always something more to learn.

Enjoy, and happy hunting.

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