Watch: Homemade “Biopsy” Arrowheads Made of CO2 Cartridges


Watch: Homemade “Biopsy” Arrowheads Made of CO2 Cartridges

(Image: Screenshot from video)

The mad German inventor JoergSprave is at it again, this time recycling or “upcycling” old empty CO2 cartridges by turning them into jagged arrowheads for taking fairly huge “biopsy” core samples from his targets.

After threading the small end of the cartridge, he uses a cutoff wheel to cut some jagged teeth into the other end. Add some holes to allow air flow, and off he goes to fling them at a target.

The first one does quite well, and takes one heck of a biopsy from the target.

“It took the sample we were hoping for!”

Next up is one with longer “petals” which have been slightly bent outward, in hopes it will expand “inside the body of an attacker.” That it most certainly did — if you consider a gob of ballistic gelatin an attacker. Ouch! I hope I never get shot with one of those.

After slicing the hollowpoint arrowhead out of the gel, he uses a torch to glue the two halves back together. I ain’t kidding! And then he backs off to try to get a biopsy using a non-expanding CO2 cartridge arrow head.

It definitely punches one heck of a hole. Or to let him tell it:

“Can you imagine what a faucet of blood this would create?”

Um, yes. Yes I can.

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