How to Split a Log With Just a Hatchet


How to Split a Log With Just a Hatchet

(Image: Screenshot from video)

Coalcracker Bushcraft is a YouTube channel by a guy who has some pretty good woodsman skills. In this video, he talks about splitting logs — even longer ones a few feet in length — with a hatchet. Not ideal, of course, but we don’t always carry a large axe everywhere we go, and knowledge is power.

First, chop some gluts — wedges made of short log sections. Then, find a log with straight grain and baton your hatchet across its face to score it.

Once you get it opened up a little, cram in a wedge. Continue working it a little at a time with wedges and the hatchet, and before you know it, the log will split. Shazam!

Pretty cool way to get it done, if you ask me.

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