Primos Offers 2020 Best Gifts for Hunters Guide


Primos Offers 2020 Best Gifts for Hunters Guide

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The folks at Primos recently took a look around online at what was being recommended as gifts for hunters, and said, “No. We can do better.”

“When we looked at all the “best gifts for hunters” lists people were finding on Google last year, we realized that they were loaded with flasks, t-shirts and cutting boards,” says Jason Harris, Director of Product & Marketing. “We thought it was about time someone stepped up for real hunters with a Wish List of gear they’d truly use.”

How refreshing – a list of hunters’ gifts by actual hunters. Naturally they are recommending their own products in this “Best Gifts for Hunters 2020” gift guide, but who can blame them? It’s stuff most hunters will find useful and actually be thankful for.

“It’s all the stuff real hunters are hoping to get this year, but now they can just send a link to this list to their family and know they have a good shot at getting something that they’ll really use,” says Harris.

There’s quite a price range in the products, which they say vary in cost from $1 to $500, and includes deals like:

  • A basic screw-in tree hook ($0.99)
  • “The Can” estrus bleat deer call ($9.99)
  • Bloodhunter head lamp to help highlight red colors (this could have come in handy while helping a friend last month) ($32.99)
  • They also have a Bloodhunter Pocket Light which “intensifies red blood drops on earth tones of leaves and dirt” for $60.99
  • On the higher end, there’s an Ozonics scent-eliminating appliance which generates ozone to wipe out human scent ($449.99)

This gift list is a great idea, and if nothing else it should be a wake-up call to those giving gifts to hunters: We hunters don’t really need another cutting board or flask.

Check it out and pass it on to friends and family if you like what you see.


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