A Cool Old Military Film Showing the Naval Gun Factory


A Cool Old Military Film Showing the Naval Gun Factory

(Image: Screenshot from old military film)

In this old military film from the 1950s, we see the naval gun factory in Washington, D.C. which was at the time “the largest Naval armament in the world.”

The 14-minute movie was made by the United States Navy to show off the naval gun factory, and it’s pretty cool. The factory itself takes up 125 acres with 200 buildings, containing everything from offices to forges, and both heavy and light machine shops.

Founded in 1799 to outfit a navy for the young USA, the place has also served as an arsenal, a school for midshipmen, and a naval base.

Being government-run, we see that much bureaucracy (and a whole lot of necessary design work) must be waded through before actual production commences.

My favorite place shown in this old military film would have to be the Heavy Gun Shop. After all, I’ve been enjoying gun shops pretty much all my life!¬†That place looks really interesting to me.

I would rather see more gun building content in the video, but you can’t have everything… and it’s all pretty interesting. This shows us something most Americans never think about — and they do a lot more than just build naval guns.

Enjoy the video.

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