Huge Alligator Eats Hunters’ Ducks Before They Can


Huge Alligator Eats Hunters’ Ducks Before They Can

(Image: Screenshot from video showing a huge alligator eating a hunter’s duck.)

As a Florida native, I have seen more than one huge alligator, but I don’t often encounter truly massive dinosaurs like the one these duck hunters recently crossed paths with near Leesburg, Florida during a duck hunt last weekend.

The hunters reportedly told a Fox news station the gator was about 13 feet long — and looking at the video, I can believe it!

The problem was that the hunters were doing their best to get some ducks, but every time they shot one this huge alligator would swim over and eat their prey before they had a chance to recover it!

In the video, the tremendous lizard swims to a downed duck and immediately begins munching out as the hunter / cameraman ruefully says, “Here we go… number two of the day.”

The ‘gator chomps on the fowl for a while, then gulps it down with its nose and tail both arching towards the sky from whence his breakfast had come. When he’s done, the hunter wishes the cold-blooded reptile would get gone and leave them alone.

“All right, you’re fed — now get out of here.”

It’s a heck of a thing when hunters have to sit by while a huge alligator eats up their game. I for one would be in favor of getting rid of that big gator, but I know there are plenty of folks who disagree.

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