Monster Buck Taken by Female College Student in GA


Monster Buck Taken by Female College Student in GA

(Image: GON logo) GON first reported on Ms. Souter’s monster buck

Earlier this week, Georgia Outdoor News reported on a probable record-book buck that was taken Saturday, November 21 in Worth County, GA by Ragan Souter, a 23-year-old “college girl” — and her first round was a misfire! Oh, and did I mention this is only her second deer?

After hunting the morning unsuccessfully at another property, Ragan and her father decided to hunt their 60-acre family farm, and headed to stands a few hundred yards apart. After only a half-hour, Ragan started hearing buck grunts nearby.

A few minutes after a doe stepped out into view, the grunting monster buck finally made its appearance. It was a gigantic 10-point buck she instantly recognized from game-cam photos, and he had his mind on the doe in front of him.

Ragan took the opportunity to ease her Savage Axis 243 Win rifle into position, aim, and squeeze the trigger. But her only reward was a loud click, as the firing pin failed to fire the cartridge in the chamber!

“It was so loud when the gun clicked, I don’t know how the buck didn’t hear it. He continued to walk directly in front of me, only about 35 feet away.”

Shaking like a leaf, Ragan worked the bolt to chamber another round as quietly as possible, and her prayers that the buck wouldn’t run away were answered. Again she aimed and pulled the trigger, and this time the cartridge fired and the buck went down.

Amazement and disbelief were the order of the day, and after her father saw the size of the buck, he called in reinforcements. It took 4 men to lift the huge buck onto an ATV; it later tipped the scales at 235 pounds even with its nose touching the floor.

The monster buck’s rack wasn’t officially measured (that can’t happen until a 60-day drying period has elapsed), but initial measurements indicate a total gross score of 190 inches, including bases which measure 6 inches circumference, G3 tines which measure exactly the same at 12.5 inches, and a wide inside spread of 20 inches. The general belief of those who have seen the rack is that after deductions for non-symmetrical features it should net around 170 Boone & Crockett, which is the minimum to get entered in B&C records.

Ragan took her first deer, a small 8-point, earlier this year during archery season with her father sitting beside her. After this huge beast, she’s done hunting bucks in Georgia this season, and I’m betting she’s perfectly fine with that!

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure permission to display photos of this magnificent buck, but you really should see it. Click here to read the full GON article & see the pics.

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