Ballistic Concepts – Christmas Gifts that Deserve to be on a Mantle


Ballistic Concepts – Christmas Gifts that Deserve to be on a Mantle

So, here we are roughly 1 week away from Christmas and you dropped the ball – completely. You forgot to get your father, your wife, your best hunting buddy, or your sister a Christmas gift that speaks to their love of the outdoors and hunting. It might be too late to look like a champion gift-giver on Christmas morning, but you can knock their socks off with a post-Christmas gift that is sure to impress by Ballistic Concepts.

Ballistic Concepts makes some of the most eye-catching and unique displays you will ever come across when it comes to ammunition. Each one is hand-made and gives you a novel yet realistic display of what not only comprises a loaded piece of ammunition, but it also beautifully personifies the detonation of that loaded round as well. Ballistic Concepts goes on to explain how they got into such crafty and original ammunition displays:

Understanding ammunition and how ammunition functions in a firearm is an essential component of practicing firearm safety. Having personally worked as Forensic Firearms Expert, explaining those ideas was an important and every-day part of the job…especially in courtroom testimony. However, it can be very difficult for a person to visualize the detailed steps that need occur in order to discharge a cartridge and launch a bullet from a barrel. This is especially true if you are talking to someone who is totally unfamiliar with or has never even touched a firearm. This is why visual aides are essential teaching tools.

On the job, we didn’t have any good visual aides to help us teach. Sure, there are pictures and posters, but there was nothing hands on that could provide the interactive aspect that visual learners need, nothing that gave students that “Ah-Ha, I get it now” moment. This was the inspiration that led me to create these unique, exploded models that are not only essential for teaching, but also look great and make perfect gifts for any gun enthusiast in your life.

ballistic concepts
FIRE POWDER 338 Lapua Magnum: Long Range Shooting, Expanded Ammunition Display

If you want to memorialize a recent, special hunt Ballistic Concepts can accept special requests with an expected longer lead time. They can also add special phrases and wording into the wooden mounts the ammunition displays rest on for further personalization. These would make great personalized gifts and possibly fantastic trophies for a league in your gun club. Get creative and you could be theĀ talk of the town for your phenomenal gift-giving for that shooter or hunter in your life.

Ballistic Concepts offers ammunition displays in a vast array of projectile offerings. Everything from common cartridges like .22 Long Rifle, .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, and .308 Win up to enormous things like .50 BMG, 40mm grenades, and 25mm Military rounds! Whether you want the common or uncommon, they have displays that put ammunition education in motion and it is cool as heck to boot! If this is something you might want to get as a late Christmas gift or an upcoming birthday, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

ballistic concepts
40mm M430A1 Linked Grenade – Fired Case with HEDP (High Explosive Dual Purpose) Projectile Expanded Ammunition Display
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