Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle & mixup98: Match Made in Heaven?


Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle & mixup98: Match Made in Heaven?

(Image: Screenshot from mixup98 Henry AR-7 video)

A few months back, I posted here about the brand-new Henry AR-7 Survival rifle I’d just received; you can read that by clicking here. I’ll be reviewing it before long, but (spoiler alert) I have so far found nothing about it to dislike, other than wishing the magazines held more than 8 rounds apiece. It’s a ton of fun and really accurate, but runs dry faster than I’d like. (First world problems, right?)

Today I ran across a video about this rifle from mixup98, a straightforward YouTube gun reviewer who doesn’t pull any punches when he tests a firearm. He begins by breaking the Henry AR-7 out of the box for the first time and assembling it as he tells the tale of the AR-7 he used to own, built by Charter Arms. That one, sadly, was a piece of junk.

He wonders whether his new Henry version will be better, and he loads it up & starts shooting. He has a jam with his second magazine of ammo; he’s using CCI Mini Mag copper plated round nose ammo. I can’t remember any jams with mine; I have mostly fired Federal BYOB bulk-pack 36-grain ammo in mine, but I’ve also burned some other stuff successfully. FYI the Federal BYOB has performed well at everything I have used it for in several different 22 firearms; it’s considerably more reliable than bulk-pack Federal 22 LR ammo I used 10-20 years ago.

After a few mags, he tries an old magazine in his new Henry. The old mag was from the Charter Arms days, and Henry has made some changes to the magazine; I’ve seen a disclaimer on their website saying Henry magazines may not work in AR-7 rifles made by other manufacturers. But will an old mag from a different gunmaker work in a Henry?

Nope. Not this time, anyhow. In his words:

“Charter Arms, 40 years later… you still suck.”

I suppose it’s all relative; Dad used to have a Charter Arms 38 revolver that was okay.

He shows some pics noting some considerable differences between Henry and Charter mags.

For his accuracy test, he mounts a scope on the rifle and gets impressive accuracy — but I don’t know how far he was shooting. If he told us the distance to the target, I missed it. My Henry AR-7 has been really accurate as well.

Here’s how he sums up the Henry AR-7:

“Henry, ya did a great job. Man, I love your AR-7.”

I cannot disagree.┬áHere’s the video.

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