Full Auto 22 Belt Fed Cuts Down a Tree


Full Auto 22 Belt Fed Cuts Down a Tree

(Image: Screenshot from full auto 22 video)

If you are reading this, you most certainly like machineguns. Face it; you want one (or ten) of your own, same as I do. But most of us just don’t want to deal with the government registration hassle or pony up the dough, so we watch cool stuff like the video below… in which Dustin of Top Shot fame fires the sweetest full-auto 22 rimfire rifle I have ever seen.

It’s a Razorback, which is a belt-fed scaled-down version of a Browning 1919 machinegun made by Lakeside Machine. It’s a sweet system — sadly discontinued now — which can burn up 22 LR ammunition at a wonderfully delightful rate. Suh-weet!

Loading the belts takes some time, but Dustin says it’s totally worth it… and I most certainly do not doubt him on that.

Dustin is a born entertainer, and he exudes excitement. Who wouldn’t when faced with the task of shooting guns for fun? Especially a full auto 22, which he uses to cut down a sweet gum tree. His rounds slice a nice line through the weed (oops, I mean “sweetgum tree”), which then falls over during a belt change. I thought that was fine, but Dustin feels short-changed and decides to hose down another tree to slice it in two as well. This time he picks a tree that is leaning, so it will fall more reliably.

We also see him shoot a steel spinner target, and with full auto that thing spins super fast! He later does a barrel swap and dumps a belt through a suppressed barrel into a plate target. The tinging of the steel is louder than the gun… so nice.

Dang it. Now I really want one of those Razorbacks!┬áDon’t you?

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