New Managing Editor of AllOutdoor – Adam Scepaniak


New Managing Editor of AllOutdoor – Adam Scepaniak

Here at AllOutdoor it has always been our goal to bring you content related to the great outdoors. Whether that comes in the form of new product announcements for things you might want in your gear bags, in-depth reviews to help guide you through potential purchases, or other tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas we believe you might find beneficial to your journey.

All in all, our main goal of loving the outdoors and sharing that passion here has remained the same. So, as we make the announcement of AllOutdoor getting a new Managing Editor in myself – Adam Scepaniak – we promise to continue that same passion, but with new, fresh content to get you, our readers, more excited than ever!

My background has been a lifetime of hunting, trapping, archery, shooting, and getting dirty in the outdoors spurred on and taught to me by my father. My mother, likewise, is an eternally humble archer, huntress, and is phenomenal at fishing. I joined our family of sites – AllOutdoor, TheFirearmBlog, and OutdoorHub – roughly 5 years ago and am eternally grateful for that opportunity since then to take my practices out in the field and share them with you here.

  • 5 Years – Staff Writer for TheFirearmBlog (TFB)
  • 4 Years – Staff Writer for AllOutdoor (AO)
  • 3 Years – Staff Writer for OutdoorHub (OHub)
  • 1 Year – Co-Editor for AllOutdoor (AO)


Like many of us in our industry of writing about the outdoors and firearms, I do freelance writing as well for companies like Springfield Armory, Boyds Gunstocks, Sierra Bullets, and Tyrant Designs to name a few. My true home has always been with – and will always be with – AO, TFB, and OHub because of the tremendous staff we have here. While we work remotely year round across the United States and even globally with some international writers, when we meet-up at trade shows, it is like seeing family again.

For 2021 and beyond, we want to bring you more editorial series of interest, more in-depth coverage of trade shows to bring you new products as soon as possible, and to explore the outdoors more (as we know that you already do if you are an AO reader). So, I am overwhelmingly thankful to be your new Managing Editor for AllOutdoor and we hope to bring you the best content possible along with a crew of supremely talented writers I am blessed to work with. Thanks for visiting and cheers to a great year ahead!


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