Safe at Home Alternatives during the COVID-19 Lockdown


Safe at Home Alternatives during the COVID-19 Lockdown

America is on lockdown. Well, at least a major part of it anyway depending on exactly where you live. Some people have still not gotten the message that the coronavirus is a killer. It is no joke. Shelter-in-place orders have been issued in every state varying somewhat in the exact provisions of the edict.

Now, some states are beginning to relax these regulations by calling for Safe at Home recommendations, but “home” has not been officially defined as far as I can determine it. So, are there safe harbor alternatives than to be confined to our main residential location? I think there may be with common sense considerations for personal and health safety.

For this exercise, you have to think like an outdoors person. Where could you go? What could you do to enjoy some time in the great outdoors without being sequestered at your primary residence? Get creative and start doing some due diligence. Check out your state wildlife agency website or state tourism office checking on potential state parks, resorts, lakes, reservoirs, camping areas, or other places where you could go be outside, but still at a social distance. This is a great Safe at Home alternative.

With a bit of effort, I am willing to bet you can find a number of places to visit for a day or longer. Set up camp in a secluded site away from other people to maintain COVID-19 protocols and safety. This would still allow you to enjoy a camp, hiking, roaming backwoods trails, fishing, boating, canoeing, star gazing at night, a campfire, and other outdoor activities.

In western locations, consider driving up into the mountains or desert areas again seeking out parks, camping areas, walking trails, viewing sites, monuments, and other ways to enjoy the outdoors. These activities will get you out of the house, out of town, and into new areas to explore without having to be in big crowds. You can maintain safe distances, but still find enjoyment for being outside.

Plan such trips like you would any camping trip. Maybe you have your own motorhome, trailer camper, or tent to use for temporary housing for your Safe at Home alternative. Shop for all the supplies you may need before you go including food, water, paper products, and gear to make a camp complete . This can make for a fun adventure that the entire family can pitch in to create and share. What better way to get away while you can.

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