Elevate Your Hunt! ATN Debuts New OTS LT Series of Thermal Handhelds


Elevate Your Hunt! ATN Debuts New OTS LT Series of Thermal Handhelds

ATN, American Technology Network, is one of the premier brands in the night vision/thermal optics market. They boast a wide portfolio of riflescopes, rangefinders, monoculars, night vision, and a plethora of accessories to match. The ATN OTS LT thermal monocular series has been completely redesigned and re-introduced with 6 models. ATN goes on to explain everything in their Press Release statement given below:

South San Francisco, California (February 2021) – American Technology Network (ATN), a leader in the tech optics industry has released its OTS LT Series, the newest addition to the thermal HD monoculars family of thermal imaging optics. If there’s one tool that every devoted hunter should have with them at all times during their excursion, it would unquestionably be ATN’s newly redesigned thermal handheld scanner. With this latest addition to a hunter’s kit, the search for game will be much faster and more efficient and no longer be daunting and time consuming.

The OTS LT has been redesigned from top to bottom and now uses the new Obsidian LT Core and cutting-edge sensors for sharp, crisp, images with extended ranges. This thermal handheld scanner is lighter and has an exceedingly long lasting internal battery. Slim and ergonomic, it will fit perfectly in any hunter’s hand, that reduces the need to carry heavy equipment to search for the target.

The new battery uses a proprietary power management system that will keep users in the field all day and night, without the need to use single use batteries. This is the ultimate tool that maximizes field time use while searching for game. With this tool, recovery efforts will seem effortless and finding game will no longer be frustrating, while always keeping the challenge alive. Not only that, search and recovery operations will also be quicker and more efficient.

ATN fully recognizes that the best part of hunting is the chase, and being able to find the desired target is key. Hunters are sure to up their game and add to the thrill by integrating the OTS LT series handheld thermal scanner into their next adventure.


The prices for the 6 different models out of the OTS LT series vary from the affordable to the more expensive depending on the feature set that you are looking to include into your hunting or shooting experience. The full retail MSRP pricing goes from $999  – $2,299. Some of the basic specifications that all of these newly re-engineered models will carry are listed below as provided by ATN:

  • Obsidian LT Core – Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Light Weight – 1.2 Lbs (560 Grams)
  • Ergonomic – Compact & Simple Controls
  • Long Lasting Battery – 10+ Hours of Continuous Use
  • Simple GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • 3 Year Warranty

What used to be thought of as a pretty foreign idea and reserved for only those willing to throw a lot of money at hunting, thermal and night vision as a whole is becoming more common and more readily available than ever before. Out of everyone from our reading audience, who has gone hunting or potentially scouting with thermal? Have you used ATN products? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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