AllOutdoor Review: Gorilla Grip Cut Protection Gloves


AllOutdoor Review: Gorilla Grip Cut Protection Gloves

A couple months back I told you about Gorilla Grip Gloves, which promise great grip even when conditions are bad. I’ve been using the heck out of their cut-resistant A5 Filet Cut Protection Gloves, and I’m impressed. Here’s what Gorilla Grip has to say about these gloves:

Protect your hands from cuts and punctures with the Gorilla Grip A5 Cut Protection Filet Gloves, 25890-26. These gloves have an ANSI rating of 5 and are designed to resist cuts and punctures while maintaining superior dexterity. The palm of these gloves is dipped in a polymer that repels slime, grease, and fluids to enhance the grip. The material used to create this glove is extremely flexible to create a natural feel. The quick dry material is lightweight, breathable, and has touch screen capabilities, making them perfect to keep in your tacklebox, on your boat, and in your car! No matter the situation, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your hands are protected. A good pair of gloves will make doing battle with your big catch easier, more comfortable, and most importantly safer. Whether you are fishing for bass, panfish, trout, or crappie, make sure to have these gloves with you!

Gorilla Grip Cut Protection Gloves – Features

  • Ultimate work glove and fish cleaning glove
  • Durable work gloves with cut protection shell Gorilla Grip Technology — maximum grip in dry, wet, and oily conditions
  • Breathable knit shell work gloves
  • Great dexterity and skin-tight fit
  • Industrial level ANSI level 5 cut protection
  • Extremely flexible for natural movement while providing maximum wet and oily grip performance
  • Perfect for slimy fish and all water related outdoor activities
  • Great gloves for plumbing, oil changes, fishing, and wet surface jobs

Working with Gorilla Grip

I put these gloves to work on a few projects around the house and property including sharpening and running a chainsaw, handling/loading/unloading brush and cut-up trees, loading/unloading a bunch of tractors and related gear, stringing barbed wire, and doing mechanical work in my workshop.

Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves
Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves

Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves gave me good cut protection while sharpening my chain saw and did well in my brush handling, too. I found I had good grip as well as better hand protection than what I was used to even with leather work gloves, but what impressed me the most in terms of hand protection was when I wore them while stringing some barbed wire. Barbed wire is sharp and nasty – that’s what it’s for – and wearing these gloves kept me from getting a single stab during a small project of maybe an hour’s duration. That is better than I expected.

cut protection gloves
The bottom gloves have been used for days overhauling a tractor

In the workshop, it was time to tear a tractor apart for overhaul. I’ve been doing this work for years, rehabbing old tractors to put them back to work… and I go through a lot of hand cleaner because I usually don’t wear gloves and the oil builds up to make my hands too slippery to work.

I donned my Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves before a long day of tractor disassembly, and they served me well — while saving me some dough on hand cleaner, too. They really do live up to their claims by providing good grip even though I’d constantly been handling greasy, oily stuff. Even after two full days of greasy labor, I could still get a good grip with Gorilla Grip gloves.

Anyone who’s done much mechanical work on rusty old equipment knows how important it is to grip those hammers and wrenches, and these gloves are the best I’ve ever used. My dexterity in these gloves is really good, and I like wearing these while cleaning rusty bits of tractor using a wire wheel in a bench grinder because they give me a good grip on the part while protecting my skin.

Cut Protection, and a Bonus

I wanted to test these gloves for cut protection beyond just wearing them while handling sharp stuff, but I went about it hesitantly at first because I didn’t want to lose the usefulness they provide. I shouldn’t have worried though, because repeated slices, slashes, and rocking of my sharp pocket knife didn’t even create a visible mark on the gloves. That, my friends, is cool.

cut protection gloves
These gloves really do resist cuts well

Want something cooler? Okay, these gloves are touch screen compatible. This means you can easily answer the wife’s texts or skip a song you’re not into – or whatever – because you can run your smart phone without removing these gloves.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves for hard work that requires good grip, and that’s pretty much all hard work. As fabric gloves, they surprised me in their durability – and the fit is superb; I can do almost anything with these that I can do with my bare fingers, and mostly without feeling like I’m wearing gloves. The cut protection is real. My readers know I don’t bestow praise lightly, which makes it notable when I say Gorilla Grip cut protection gloves are the best all-around work gloves I have ever used.

cut protection gloves
The gloves on the left appear worn, but they still work well
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