Blakely Custom Calls Turns Out Beautiful Turkey Calls in Mississippi


Blakely Custom Calls Turns Out Beautiful Turkey Calls in Mississippi

Fun Fact – Sometimes social media can be good for more than just shouting at strangers with political differences and estranging yourself from family members (I know, right?). In this case, it facilitated a connection with a guy named Damon Blakely who makes some really nice-looking turkey calls at Blakely Custom Calls in Duck Hill, Mississippi. I might not have ever known about Damon if it weren’t for a Facebook friend we have in common with whom I only became connected because his father bought some tractor stuff from me – small world!

The cool thing about my job is that I get to share my discoveries with readers like you which helps everyone. Turkey hunters learn about a great source for custom-made turkey calls, and an all-American small business gets some exposure. That’s a win-win if I ever saw one.

Damon makes quite a variety of slate turkey calls with really nice wooden pots, and judging by some of the videos I’ve seen posted on his Blakely Custom Calls Facebook page, they sound awesome. In fact, listening to all those yelps and purrs has got my blood really churning for spring turkey season!

Blakely Custom Calls
(Image courtesy of Blakely Custom Calls)

I really like the looks and the sound of the red slate call he posted recently, and he can make a glass-topped call with just about any image you want underneath the glass. I was surprised to see that he can even use titanium as a friction material instead of slate! Maybe I’ve been living a sheltered existence, but I didn’t even know that was a thing. The best thing of all is that Damon himself is a dedicated turkey hunter with a simple, yet meaningful, motto:

“I won’t send out a call that I wouldn’t want in my vest!”

Wise words for any call maker to live by, if you ask me. If you’re interested, visit the Blakely Custom Calls Facebook page to check out more of his work and contact him about getting a custom call of your own.

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