Butler Creek Introduces NEW Featherlight Bino Caddy


Butler Creek Introduces NEW Featherlight Bino Caddy

Butler Creek has been around approximately forever, and has been producing great stuff for hunters for decades. For 2021, they’ve introduced a new way to carry your binoculars: the Butler Creek Featherlight Bino Caddy. It’s a harness you wear like a chest pack.

Heck! I guess it is a chest pack, but designed specifically for carrying your binoculars and accessories. The new Featherlight Bino Caddy comes in three sizes for whatever field glasses you prefer: Large for 10×42, XL for 12×50, and XXL for 15×56.┬áHere are some manufacturer specs:

  • 100% coverage from the elements, dust, and debris
  • Silent suede cloth material in and out
  • Prym1 MP (multi-purpose) camouflage
  • Comfortable, close-fitting design
  • Air-mesh foam backing for breathability and added cushioning
  • Forward opening top for efficient one-handed access
  • Three-dimensional top flap with magnetic closure
  • Quiet magnetic closure automatically engages to secure binos
  • Option to tether binoculars to harness
  • MOLLE webbing on front & side to attach accessories
  • Dual .5 in. D-loops to connect accessories
  • Mesh side pocket
  • Lens cloth included
  • Exterior compartment
  • Quick disconnect, removable safety straps
  • MSRPs: L $74.95 (10×42); XL $79.95 (12×50); XXL $84.95 (15×56)

What’s not to like? Here are some more details gleaned from the press release:

Butler Creek’s Featherlight Bino Caddy is now available. Made of the same patent-pending breathable closed cell foam material as the popular Butler Creek Featherlight sling, the Butler Creek Bino Caddy offers hunters a comfortable, dependable way to protect their glass in the field.

A three-dimensional top flap keeps out dust and moisture, while silent suede materials and the Featherlight backing help protect binoculars. Breathable and cushioned, the Featherlight material is effective and comfortable with a foam backer that’s slotted to allow trapped heat to escape while providing additional cushion when used under heavy backpacks.

The Featherlight Bino Caddy features adjustable straps, quick disconnect harness, a quiet magnetic closure that automatically engages to secure binoculars, and a forward-opening top for efficient one-handed access to the main compartment.

You can attach accessories using the MOLLE webbing on the front and side, plus there are two small D-rings you can use to clip on a wind meter, rangefinder, or whatever. Mesh pockets inside and out give you a spot to keep small game calls or tags, wind indicator, etc. The tethered lens cloth is another great touch.

I admit I don’t use binoculars nearly as much as some other hunters do. I use quality scopes on my rifles for examining distant game animals, and I don’t generally hunt wide-open spaces where glassing is feasible, but if I did, I’d get myself some good quality binoculars, and a new Featherlight Bino Caddy from Butler Creek.

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