Helix 6 Precision Introduces New Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel Blanks


Helix 6 Precision Introduces New Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel Blanks

When it comes to rifle barrels, they are most definitely not all created equal. Helix 6 Precision believes they make the best rifle barrels around, and they offer a good selection of options in their carbon fiber rifle barrels, with blank barrels in six calibers and pre-chambered barrels for both Savage and Ruger Precision rifles. They will also build pure custom one-off barrels to match the wants and needs of any shooter or rifle builder.

The bores of Helix 6 barrels are 416R stainless steel, button rifled, and hand lapped. Surrounding this is carbon fiber applied using a proprietary process which helps dampen barrel harmonics while reducing weight and increasing heat dissipation. I like the “hand lapped” feature which should significantly reduce fouling; thus, help with barrel break-in. Here’s what they say in a recent press release:

At Helix 6 Precision, we build the world’s finest carbon fiber rifle barrels using only premium materials. Creating a match grade barrel involves much more than just wrapping carbon fiber around a steel core. Our proprietary carbon fiber layup design dampens barrel harmonics for outstanding accuracy. We’re always pushing the limits of innovation, quality, and design. As a result, Helix 6 Precision barrels are lighter, stronger, and faster cooling than anything else available on the market. Our barrels are proudly 100% made in the USA.

In the heart of every Helix 6 Precision barrel is a match-grade 416R stainless steel core-an advanced, corrosion resistant steel alloy-ideal for making precision rifle barrels. Each barrel is hand lapped, improving accuracy while minimizing fouling. We build barrels with extremely tight tolerances, and each one must pass a rigorous inspection before leaving our facilities.

Choose from one of the many popular long-range calibers from .224 to .338. Self-installation is easy using a pre-fit Savage or Ruger Precision Rifle barrel while carbon fiber barrel blanks are ready to chamber and fit by your gunsmith professional for any rifle system. If you need a one-off custom barrel in any caliber, twist, or contour, Helix 6 Precision makes them, too. If you can dream it, Helix 6 can build it.

Helix 6

Helix 6 Carbon Fiber Barrel Blanks

  • .224, length 26″ – 1:8 twist, 3lbs 7oz
  • .243, length 26″ – 1:8 twist, 3lbs 5oz
  • .264, length 26″ – 1:8 twist, 3lbs 4oz
  • .284, length 26″ – 1:8 twist, 3lbs 3oz
  • .308, length 26″ – 1:10 twist, 3lbs 2oz
  • .338, length 28″ – 1:9.5 twist, 3lbs 13oz

Helix 6 Ruger Precision Rifle Pre-Fit (Threaded 5/8″ x 24 TPI) Barrels

  • 6mm Creedmoor length 24″ – 1:8 twist, 2lbs 12oz
  • 6.5 Creedmoor length 24″ – 1:8 twist, 2lb 11oz
  • 308 Win length 24″ – 1:10 twist, 2lbs 9oz

Helix 6 Savage Rifle Pre-Fit (Threaded 5/8″ x 24 TPI) Barrels

  • 6.5 Creedmoor length 24″ – 1:8 twist, 2lbs 13oz
  • 7mm Rem Mag length 26″ 1:8 twist, 2lbs 15oz
  • 308 Win length 24″ 1:10 twist 2lbs, 11oz
  • 300 Win Mag length 26″ 1:10 twist, 2lbs 14oz

Helix 6 Custom Options

  • One-off custom barrels with any caliber, twist, or contour

Blank barrels are priced at $1,249, while pre-chambered barrels for Ruger or Savage are listed at $1,449. To learn more, visit the Helix 6 Precision website to check them out.

Helix 6

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