NEW Primos Shot Caller Double-Sided Box Turkey Call


NEW Primos Shot Caller Double-Sided Box Turkey Call

Turkey hunters looking for a solid box call to bring in the big birds this spring will want to take a close look at the new Primos Shot Caller. Box calls are popular for a reason: they work. Box calls have great volume and tone, they can be “aimed” to send the sound in any given direction, and they’re easy to use. Most turkey hunters I know started out using a box call, and I happily admit I use a box call for most of my calling during spring gobbler season.

One problem with most box calls is fragility. Thin, glued, wooden sides can come apart, and God forbid if you should fall or sit on an expensive and fragile box call… Oh, the humanity! To solve that problem, the Primos Shot Caller is made with a one-piece box that’s simply milled from a solid hunk of wood with a simple striker up top. It’s apparent from the photos that this is one tough box; look at the thickness of the walls. In the video below you can tell it’s also got great sound, and they say it’s made right here in Mississippi.

Being double sided helps a lot because it allows you to change tones while calling so you can sound like more than one turkey. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to bring in a hesitant boss gobbler so you can add another beard to the wall. Here’s what they say about the Primos Shot Caller in a recent press release:

The Primos Shot Caller is made for turkey hunters who want a no-frills box call at an unbeatable price. A double-sided box call, Shot Caller features one-piece box construction that has no panels, glue, or plastic to separate or fall apart in the woods. With its straight-forward sound design, Shot Caller offers the versatility to make authentic cuts, clucks, purrs and yelps from either side, calling up gobblers for hunters who understand that’s it all about knowing how to Speak the Language®.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: $28.99.

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