Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf Camo Reintroduced for NOMAD Outdoor


Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf Camo Reintroduced for NOMAD Outdoor

NOMAD Outdoor is a company whose stated mission is “to build the most innovative, authentic hunting apparel to inspire a community to experience and protect the traditions of hunting and to empower everyone on their next expedition.” Nothing wrong with that! The company makes a ton of hunting clothes, including turkey hunting duds, and for 2021, they’ve partnered with Mossy Oak to corner the market on Shadow Leaf hunting gear.

Mossy Oak’s Shadow Leaf pattern was introduced in 1997 and was widely considered one of the best camo patterns for hunting in green springtime woods. In the intervening two-dozen years, leaves and turkeys have remained the same, so there’s no reason Shadow Leaf won’t work today.

A recent press release states that many of NOMAD’s designers are avid turkey hunters; therefore, they say “it makes sense that perhaps the best camo pattern ever developed for turkey hunting, Mossy Oak’s Shadow Leaf®, is now an exclusive pattern for NOMAD hunting apparel.” More from the press release:

This year, NOMAD collaborated with Mossy Oak®, an industry leader in camouflage pattern design, to headline their turkey collection with Shadow Leaf. ‘It’s an unprecedented year of new products and innovations in our turkey hunting collection,’ said Jason Hart, General Manager of NOMAD. ‘Chief among them is the addition of Mossy Oak’s Shadow Leaf pattern in our premium turkey clothing and gear.

Turkey hunters know a successful hunt depends on selecting the right camo for the habitat. The ideal camo pattern breaks up a hunter’s outline and blends seamlessly with the natural vegetation. No spring camo pattern has ever been more effective at this than Shadow Leaf. Launched in 1997, it instantly became the most effective, color-perfect green pattern for the turkey woods. It uniquely breaks up a hunter’s outline by blending in with the natural vegetation and spring landscapes.

‘We’ve always felt that Shadow Leaf was introduced ahead of its time, and with advancements in clothing technology, it became evident that Shadow Leaf deserved another run’ Ben Maki, CMO of Mossy Oak. ‘We were thrilled when NOMAD approached us to combine efforts to relaunch this premium turkey pattern. Their apparel and gear are built on common principles we believe are at the core of our hunters.’

I, for one, love a good turkey hunt, and sometimes the right gear in the right shade can help add to your success. As the press release says, “The addition of Mossy Oak’s exclusive Shadow Leaf camo to our turkey line provides even more opportunities to stay hidden and find success afield this season.” Happy hunting, my friends.

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