AllOutdoor Review: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target


AllOutdoor Review: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target

Yesterday we reviewed the 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Center Hang Target Package with Hanger Cap, Galvanized Steel Post, and All Terrain Stand here on AllOutdoor and that article can be read HERE. Today, we are again looking at a Grizzly Target that is very similar yet has its own unique characteristics that you may or may not prefer. That target is the Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target with a Galvanized Post. Let’s dive right in and see if this Grizzly Target will be right up your shooting alley!

Specifications: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target

For those who either read yesterday’s review or just gave it a once-over right now, you will notice the most prominent difference between the 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target for today and the 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Center Hang Target Package with Hanger Cap, Galvanized Steel Post, and All Terrain Stand from yesterday is the angle of the target. The 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target is pitched at a pretty strong angle to ensure nothing deflects back at the shooter. The specifications are listed below as presented by Grizzly Targets:

  • Designed in partnership with military and law enforcement
  • Main target face measures 12″W x 24″ L x 3/8″ thick factory tested AR500 Steel
  • Main body (IPSC Plate) Swings backwards when hit
  • Pitched a 27 degree angle to drive bullet splatter downwards
  • Hot-dip Galvanized back bracket that will never rust
  • Made of 3/8″ AR500 steel, rated for Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun
  • Works great with any of our stands and even better with the Galvanized Steel Post

ipsc reactive

The Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target retails for $150.19 and the Galvanized Steel Post sells for $65.95 on the Grizzly Targets website. There is Free Shipping for this target package from Grizzly Targets and it is covered by the Grizzly Guarantee which means that every component that is not intended to be shot – known as a non shooting surface (NSS) – is covered by their limited lifetime warranty. Grizzly Targets goes on to further explain their 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target in this short YouTube video and quote below:

The main body of this target is our classic IPSC Reactive steel target. 

The perfect practice/training target for beginners and professionals alike. Reactive swing angle of target allows closer/safer shooting.

An industry steel target classic, with a few custom upgrades to last longer and allow closer/safer shooting.

Assembly: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target

One element that Grizzly Targets is stellar about is the assembly of their products. You do not need to study for this exam and it is so simple even a country-boy from Minnesota, like myself, can get er’ done. Your base is setup to simply accept a 2″ x 4″ wood beam or you can use one of the Galvanized Steel Posts that Grizzly Targets sells on their website (one was provided to me for this review) with the specifications below:

  • Great complement to any one using targets stands that utilizes a 2×4 post
  • 4′ tall to ensure targets are at an adequate training and realistic height
  • Compatible with any 2×4 base or topper.
  • Do not need to to replace your existing stands and mounting options.
  • Constructed of 3/8″ thick steel capable of taking multiple hits from errant rounds and spalling without compromising is usability

ipsc reactive

Are you tired of buying wood 2×4’s every time you head out to the range? Or are your 2×4’s getting chewed up and destroyed by errant rounds and spalling? Well look no further than than The New Grizzly Targets Galvanized Steel Post. This post only complements our commitment to making the most heavy duty and weatherproof target systems in the industry. As with most of our products, this post is HOT-DIP GALVANIZED so it LASTS FOREVER and STAYS RUST FREE.

With your base and post (either Galvanized or wood), you can simply hang your top onto the system and you are ready to rock ‘n roll. The 3 simple pieces allow for a fast setup and are easy to transport to whatever shooting destination you please. By getting the hang of this target in under 5 minutes flat, I was off to my secret location to put some reps and lead down range on the Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target.

Range Time: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target

Once I got out to my family’s ranch I easily re-constructed the Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target and set about making that steel target ring! One thing I quickly noticed is that the strong angle of this target deflects all potential debris straight downward making it extremely safe for the shooter. While Grizzly Targets has suggested distances for all Rifle calibers at 100yds, and 25yds or greater for Pistol calibers (neither being over 3,000 FPS) I safely rapid-fired a SIG Sauer P365XL 9mm at 10 yards. The curtain of debris directly below the target is proof in the pudding of how safe and well this target works.

ipsc reactive

Another neat feature of the base of this target is that you could set aside the steel target and your post to do some paper shooting. There are two smaller “beam/post holes” that parallel the shooter in the frame of the base. With scrap wood or something more professional, you could staple a paper IPSC target up for even more creative use depending on your mission objective (MO) any given day at the range.

ipsc reactive

Also, the base of the Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target has holes on all 4 corners to give you the ability to stake it down on uneven terrain. I found this handy because while the Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target stands perfectly on flat ground it can be a bit tippy on a rocky landscape or slope. Nonetheless, Grizzly Targets has already accounted for this to ensure a good shooting experience.

Finally, the hinge system on this target package allows you to not only shoot the main body of the IPSC Target, but also the head portion for more judicious shooting practice. Even when I made repeated hits on the upper head portion I never had lead spalling come back at me. It was all re-directed, once again, away from the shooter.

ipsc reactive

Final Thoughts: Grizzly Targets 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target

So, what are my final thoughts?… I liked the versatility of this steel target from Grizzly Targets. While although I love the strong, audible hit confirmation steel provides I also have a ton of silhouette targets to burn through and this allows me to use both. Similar to the last Grizzly Target we reviewed yesterday, I really appreciated that it can be broken down into simply pieces for transport and less weight to carry as opposed to it being a solid unit. All in all, with this target being around $150 and a little additional depending on whether you want a Galvanized Steel Post or a 2″ x 4″ piece of wood, it is absolutely worth it to me.

In closing, I want to say thank you to Grizzly Targets for allowing AllOutdoor and myself the opportunity to try out their 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target. That is greatly appreciated. Also, we would like to know what all of you guys and gals think? Do you believe that the 3/8″ AR500 IPSC Reactive Steel Target is something worth spending your money on? Would you set one up at your home range? Would you take it on the road with you for mobile shooting opportunities? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

ipsc reactive

ipsc reactive

ipsc reactive

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