AllOutdoorTV – Coyote Run at Mellon Creek Outfitters


AllOutdoorTV – Coyote Run at Mellon Creek Outfitters

Anytime you have the opportunity to get into the great outdoors and do some hunting among friends it is a memorable time. When you get to tie in a spicy, little competition among friends the ante gets upped even further and the fun truly begins. The crew from AllOutdoorTV recently headed down to Mellon Creek Outfitters in Refugio, Texas for some night vision/thermal hunting for wild hogs and coyotes. Supplied with night vision optics and thermal handhelds from ATN Corp plus a few more friends for a lively competition the gauntlet was set.

Two 2-man teams were devised and the challenge was to harvest as many wild hogs and coyotes as possible over the course of 3 evening hunts. Ranchers and guides alike want to see wild hogs eliminated because of the devastation they wreak on crops and farmland. Similarly, the coyotes are a thorn in their side because they can be predators against the calves of livestock and even whitetail deer that are managed for trophy hunts and their delicious venison.

Each team was given identical equipment to chase after hogs and coyotes so theĀ tools of the trade could not be blamed for anyone’s unsuccessful adventures. It was entirely left up to each team to devise hunting strategies, best utilize their gear for success, and make well-placed shots on game to humanely take down hogs and coyotes. The full adventure of COYOTE RUN can be watched below in all 6 episodes.

After watching all of the videos, let us know how you think each team fared and what they did well or potentially could have done better. We always appreciate when you participate in the Comments, and as always, happy hunting folks!

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