Jackalope Removed from Endangered Species List in Idaho


Jackalope Removed from Endangered Species List in Idaho

If you have ever had the opportunity to hunt or live out in the western states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho you know that Jackalope are something of a legend. Their numbers during the pioneering days in the 1800s were wide spread and plentiful similar to buffalo, but due to rampant over-harvesting their numbers dwindled down to nearly becoming extinct – most people have never even seen a Jackalope in real life. This morning though Kryptek Outdoor Group shared some fantastic news! Jackalope have officially been removed from the Federal Endangered Species List in Idaho as their numbers have finally rebounded to safe levels. The full Press Release and breaking news from Kryptek Outdoor Group can be read below:

As of April 1st 2021, Idaho fish and game has officially Delisted the Jackalope from the endangered species list. Populations in southern Idaho have exceeded conservation thresholds. This is extremely evident in the Marsing area due to the expansion of vineyards and orchard grass preservation. Contact your local fish and game for information on tag sales and stay tuned for Kryptek’s Jackalope ‘biggest rack’ competition coming this fall.

The definitive details on if or when a season may be held on Jackalope has not been ironed out yet by the Idaho Game and Fish Department, but there are already rumors that a season could happen yet this year.

While Jackalope are known to have large litters like their Jack Rabbit cousins (upwards of 6-7 at a time) they oddly enough only reproduce once a year similar to their other genetic cousin – Pronghorn Antelope. The Idaho Game and Fish Department could most logically hold a hunting season that runs parallel to the Pronghorn Antelope season during the fall.

Many questions remain to be answered, including: what would the harvest quota be? Could out-of-state residents get tags? Would a state record log be kept? What do they taste like? I have always believed butter and a good baked potato pairs well with most any wild game, but we are curious what do you think? Would you hunt a Jackalope? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Photo Credit: Kryptek Outdoor Group – April 1st, 2021
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