POTD: Colt Paterson Model 1839 Revolving Shotgun


POTD: Colt Paterson Model 1839 Revolving Shotgun

Welcome all to today’s POTD (Photo of the Day)! Our picture, as you can see, is a Colt Paterson Model 1839 Revolving Shotgun. Any Colt fan will know that this is one of the holy grails in the lineup of old Colt Paterson designs. Arguably one of the most scarce Colt Paterson guns, the Colt Paterson Model 1839 is a long roughly 32 inch barreled monster of a black powder firearm.

Colt Paterson Model 1839
Colt Paterson 1836 Revolver Art. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The first successful Colt Paterson is the relatively wide known 1836 single-action revolver but later came a carbine version of the action. The revolving shotgun aspect of the Model 1839 is it is a version of the 1839 carbine that was a .525 chambered rifle. The carbine itself was made in very low numbers and the shotgun even less yet. It was 16 Gauge exclusively and featured a 3.5-inch chamber. As far as my quick research goes I saw consistently that roughly only 250 Model 1839 shotguns were made.

I saw this photo on The Cody Firearms Museum’s website and I highly recommend checking them out and giving them your support! Awesome people who are doing amazing things in the name of historical preservation of firearms.

Source: “Colt-Paterson Model 1839 Revolving Shotgun.” Cody Firearms Museum, Cody, Wyoming, Aug. 2021, centerofthewest.org/explore/firearms/.

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