POTD: You Have to Start Somewhere – Colt Paterson


POTD: You Have to Start Somewhere – Colt Paterson

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Like the title says you do in fact have to start somewhere. In the case of Samuel Colt and his firearms, the 1836 Paterson was the start. This revolver is not an unknown in the antique gun community. Hopefully, someday I will have the chance to go over the specs and history of these cool revolvers, but today’s POTD is more of a lesson.

It was not just the start of the Colt firearms business to come, but it was the start of a landslide of revolving firearm designs to come. It is one of those perfect demonstrations in history. A patent for a revolver for example! Suddenly the market knows how someone did something and they have to find a newer cooler way to scoot around it. Then, you get all sorts of unique designs throughout history. The Paterson started a spiderweb of patents dodging patents going on and on. So many things exist because of it.

Colt’s first handgun, the Paterson revolver, came in several sizes. This pair of Patersons on loan to us from the Patrick M. Colagiuri Collection includes a No. 3 Belt and No. 5 Holster.- Cody Firearms Museam’s Facebook Post

This photo is from Cody Firearms Museum’s Facebook Page. They are awesome people and I encourage you to check them out!

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