POTD: A Tommy Gun Like No Other – 30 Carbine Thompson


POTD: A Tommy Gun Like No Other – 30 Carbine Thompson

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Today we have yet another curiosity thanks to Cody Firearms Museum – check them out, they are wonderful! Here we have an icon in terms of firearms, the Thompson. This particular Thompson was a trial gun sent to the US military when they were looking for a light rifle design that used an intermediate cartridge like 30 Carbine. The result was a Tommy gun in 30 Carbine! Check out some more background below:

“In 1940 the Army started considering a light rifle to serve alongside the M1 Garand. Eventually, this resulted in the Army’s adoption of Winchester’s submission as the M1 Carbine. This is the gun that Auto-Ordnance submitted, a Thompson SMG chambered for .30 Carbine. A fun story to go with it is that our former curator once gave a tour to Bill Ruger, who worked for Auto-Ordnance during WWII, and during the tour, Ruger saw the gun and talked about building it while he was at the company. “

Thompson SMG chambered for .30 Carbine [Photograph found in Photos, Cody Firearms Museum’s Facebook]. (2018, December 17). Retrieved April 29, 2021, from https://www.facebook.com/CodyFirearmsMuseum/photos/2426847227539442

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