Stealth Cam Launches Enhanced Fusion X Wireless Trail Camera


Stealth Cam Launches Enhanced Fusion X Wireless Trail Camera

Trail Cameras have become an essential way for hunters to keep track of local deer populations for hunting as well as being a great way to monitor your property for trespassers or other wildlife that might be traipsing through your hunting spot. Stealth Cam has just announced the launch of their enhanced Fusion X wireless trail camera that improves its in-field performance and ease of use which includes their all-new Stealth Cam Command Pro app which gives you access to your enhanced Fusion X Camera anytime, anywhere.

Stealth Cam Launches Enhanced Fusion X Wireless Trail Camera

Stealth Cam Launches Enhanced Fusion X Wireless Trail Camera

Irving, TX – When Stealth Cam® set out to build a better wireless trail camera, they began with the challenges faced by hunters disappointed with conventional wireless camera technology. Reliable performance, ease of connectivity, simple operation, affordable data plans, and the need for quality customer service ranked highest on the agenda. In 2020, we introduced the Fusion wireless camera. Throughout the year, we listened closely to our customers and vowed to make necessary improvements. You asked, we listened and now the Fusion X truly takes wireless cameras to the next level!

Through in-depth field evaluations, valuable feedback, and expert analysis from our partners and hunting enthusiasts, the Stealth Cam engineers have refined the Fusion X platform and technology. These updates allow the Fusion X to deliver top-notch performance and operation, separating it from the competition.

Topping the list of upgrades is a significant improvement to the image quality which means even sharper, more detailed photos to meet your expectations! In addition to higher quality photos, you can now utilize video downloads to the app that has a 720p resolution on your SD card at 30FPS. Taking it even further, you can also preview the video captures through the new app in a GIF format (640 x 360 – beginning, middle, and end of video frames)!

For coverage and convenience, the Fusion X will continue to run on very budget-friendly data plans, starting as low as $4 per month with the first month provided at the unlimited level completely FREE! If you choose to stick with the unlimited plan, you can pay as low as $15 a month and that includes the new GIF video feature at no additional cost.

The Fusion X will be powered by the all-new Stealth Cam Command Pro app, giving hunters access to the Fusion X anytime, anywhere. The new app is extremely easy to set up and use. With a modernized user interface and advanced software, the Command Pro app will allow hunters to unlock the full potential of Stealth’s Fusion X wireless camera, including high resolution download capabilities, night color AI (bring color to black and white images), custom tags and filters, and a global gallery to view all gallery images in one album!

For more details about the Fusion X wireless camera and all of our other new products for 2021, please visit

Stealth Cam Launches Enhanced Fusion X Wireless Trail Camera

With inexpensive data plan options, lots of features, and an affordable price of $159.99, the new enhanced Fusion X trail cam seems to be like a top contender for serious hunters looking to monitor one or several hunting spots.

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