Montana Bruins – Stone Glacier’s Spring Hunt with the EVO 6900 Pack


Montana Bruins – Stone Glacier’s Spring Hunt with the EVO 6900 Pack

When it comes to hunting there are few things more exhilarating than chasing quarry that could equally chase you. This extends to lions, alligators, and most certainly bears for many of us North American big-game hunters. Not only is it a more challenging type of hunt to pursue an apex predator like a bear, but for those who have successfully punched a tag in the past, they understand how delicious such a field-to-fork meal can be when prepared properly. The folks at Stone Glacier fully understand the rewarding challenge of trekking through the wilderness after bears in the springtime, and this year, they put their very own EVO 6900 packs to the test while doing so.

Stone Glacier’s latest film, “Savage Access,” highlights this recent hunt where 3 employees from Stone Glacier looked to venture out into rough, difficult-to-navigate terrain in pursuit of Montana springtime bruins. The complete hunt can be watched below as well as an opportunity to win yourself a Stone Glacier EVO 6900 pack if you visit their YouTube channel to Comment and Subscribe on this very video.

Each Spring, Stone Glacier employees take to the hills in search of mature mountain bruins. Most big bears live in nasty remote areas only accessible by foot. In this film, SG Marketing Directory, Lyle Hebel (@lylehebel) and Customer Service Rep, Ryan D’Agostino (@rawls20) and SG Content Director, Zack Boughton (@zackboughton) load up their EVO 6900 packs and go full send into the backcountry looking to punch their Montana Bear tags.

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As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! Have you done any springtime bear hunts out in Montana? Do you hunt them in the fall potentially over a bait site? Are bears even indigenous to your state for the possibility to hunt them? We always appreciate your feedback.

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