POTD: Turning Bolt Engraved European .22 Parlor Rifle


POTD: Turning Bolt Engraved European .22 Parlor Rifle

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a really cool embellished parlor rifle from Europe. Parlor rifles (known as gallery guns in the US) were popular basically from the birth of the .22 rimfire cartridge till around 1900 to 1910. The Parlor rifle was an item used to shoot small metal targets in a booth at a fairground or at a street kiosk. Very understandable arguments and liabilities against letting strangers handle loaded firearms were the cause of the gallery/parlor rifles demise.

“European .22 caliber Parlor rifle with a unique 90 degree turning rimfire bolt that clears space to access the breech end of the barrel. Swiss in origin, Zimmerstutzen “Parlor rifles” are highly accurate short range small-bore target rifles with low muzzle velocities intended for indoor use during the winter months. They fire a small lead ball detonated by a long firing pin and priming charge. U shaped front sight with bead and adjustable rear Swiss style sight. Floral engraved nickel plated turning bolt system with brass bolt knob which when turned allows for bolt removal, manual cartridge extraction, and insertion of a new cartridge. Brass frame with floral engraving. Brass trigger guard with bow having floral engraving pattern. Front sling swivel on bottom of barrel, button rear mount in stock. Walnut fine checkered stock with raised cheekpiece and a brass buttplate with light coverage floral engraving.”

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