Free Plans for Wild Turkey Nesting Boxes Available Soon from QUWF Designs


Free Plans for Wild Turkey Nesting Boxes Available Soon from QUWF Designs

Wild Turkey populations have been taking a bit of a big hit recently with populations slowly declining according to the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation. In order to combat declining numbers of wild turkey, the QUWF has developed and designed wild turkey nesting boxes which they will be offering plans for free on the internet. The QUWF hopes that with widespread construction and use of these nesting boxes that the wild turkey populations across their range will start to see a reversal in the declining populations.

Free Plans for Wild Turkey Nesting Boxes Available Soon from QUWF Designs

Nesting boxes have shown success for many wildlife species and, where utilized, seem to be strong indicators of improved nest survival. Similar nesting boxes have been used on farms and ranches, not on commercial turkey farms. The QUWF wild turkey nesting box is based on a compilation of those designs. Scientific data has yet to be recorded to determine the efficacy of the nesting box, but helping nature out a little, can’t hurt.

“Key design benefits of the nesting box include stable legs – which elevate the box off the ground – and closed sides, back, and top which limits predator approach, especially avian. The box is vented, but prevents access through the vents and due to weather-resistant construction design, averts water saturation of the nest. The center hold-down ground anchor further stabilizes the unit during intense weather conditions, and the box should be positioned with its back to the prevailing winds,” says Nick Prough, Chief Wildlife Biologist of QUWF. “The design incorporates a natural roost bar for easier poult access and egress, and also includes a means by which to attach limbs and branches to the sides of the box, helping conceal its location,” Prough said.

The nesting box building plans include detailed instructions, photos, tools list, materials list (estimated costs), and scaled-cut diagrams. The entire box is intentionally built with commonly-owned tools and materials readily available at local lumber yards and hardware stores. “Our hope is that building the nesting box will be a fun family project with the kids, grandkids, youth groups, and chapter members,” noted Bob Peterson, QUWF Missouri State Regional Biologist. Complete nesting box building plans (pdf) will soon be available on QUWFs website for FREE.

Special thanks to the sponsors who made the nesting box possible: Bass Pro Shops-Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, ALPS Outdoors, Cuddeback Game Cameras, Truax Seed Drills, DooLittle Trailer Manufacturing, and RUGER Firearms.

Free Plans for Wild Turkey Nesting Boxes Available Soon from QUWF Designs

Over time I have found that hunters have often been the most vocal and most active about proper conservancy efforts when it comes to American wildlife. This effort combines an intimate knowledge of Wild Turkey populations that only conservationists and hunters would bother to keep track of as this is not only a part of their sport, but a big part of this country’s ecosystem which we all share. For more information, you can visit the QUWF website to find the plans for the nesting boxes as well as more information on the plight of Wild Turkey. The plans will contain a full list of materials and tools needed as well as detailed construction diagrams and plans.

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