POTD: The Sneaky Swede – M41 Swedish Mauser Sniper Rifle


POTD: The Sneaky Swede – M41 Swedish Mauser Sniper Rifle

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! This time around you may be familiar with the M41 Rifle pictured above if you have been following the most recent M96 Swedish Mauser string of articles over on Curious Relics. The M41 Swedish Mauser is technically an M96 Swedish Mauser. The main difference being that they were hand-picked for their performance and accuracy. These overachieving Swedish Mausers would be paired with 3x scopes and would remain in service to this day in multiple countries. Below I have attached two variational changes in the M41 straight from my Curious Relics Article that I have linked here.

  • “M41 Sniper Rifle: Made from 1941-1944. These rifles are allegedly still in use today, but most likely as hand-me-downs to other lesser militaries out there. These were hand-selected M96 Rifles due to their accuracy. These rifles used AJACK 3x scopes and have a turned-down bolt.
  • M41B Sniper Rifle: NOT THREADED! These were NEVER allowed to fire blank ammunition. The “B” refers to the change from the AJACK scopes to the AGA 42 and 44 scopes. This modification took place in 1955.”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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