POTD: Bell & Howell M2 Sniper T-3 Infrared Scope


POTD: Bell & Howell M2 Sniper T-3 Infrared Scope

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! One of the coolest pieces of technology to come at the end of World War II was the M2 Carbine all jazzed up to be the M2 Sniper. The M2 Carbine was basically just a select-fire M1, but this sniper variant was equipped with a giant infrared scope and battery backpack so a soldier could snipe at night! These cool chunks of technology are extremely rare today. Rock Island Auction Company goes into a little more information on this specific example below:

“This Bell & Howell M2 sniper rifle infrared scope, serial number M2139550, has the following: light attachment ring, Type 1 power pack and battery, sniper scope hand held mount and late 1945/46 light source and filter lens. Included is the rare M2 light source trigger handle with later rounded corner grips. Complete with the original TM 5-9341 operation and maintenance instruction booklet and original TM 5-9341A repair instructions booklet.”

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