POTD: Remington Arms Inc Rider Revolver 31 Percussion


POTD: Remington Arms Inc Rider Revolver 31 Percussion

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! I think it is amazing that prototypes and experimental firearms make their way out of the dark. Here we have an experimental Remington Arms double-action percussion Rider revolver. The style of grip appears to be influenced by a lot of 1850 and 1860 style derringer pistols.

The science the behind double-action revolver was in its infancy and a convoluted one at that. Half the industry could not make much of a double-action. They were not easy, affordable, and most of the time they did to work after too long. The other half of the industry was not super interested in the possibility of rapid-fire. Black powder is dirty and fouls up rapidly and why would you want to do that and also possibly miss most shots.

“Produced circa 1858, this Rider Experimental revolver is equipped with a unique trigger guard loading lever. The plunger is housed in the lower frame and is attached to the upper front of the trigger guard, and the rear of the trigger guard latches into the frame directly behind the trigger, when pushed forward, the trigger guard unhooks and can swing down to work the plunger. The top strap is marked “J. RIDER.” and there are no other visible markings. Brass cone front and frame notch rear sights, brass frame and metal parts appear to have been left in the “white”. The revolver functions in both single and double action. Fitted with smooth two piece walnut grips. The revolver is accompanied by the original three page patent papers for the Rider Revolver, which have been laminated for preservation.”

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