POTD: Were the Swedes Vampire Hunters? – 6.5×55 Wooden Bullets


POTD: Were the Swedes Vampire Hunters? – 6.5×55 Wooden Bullets

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Wooden bullets may be familiar to anyone out there who keeps up with the Curious Relics series here on AllOutdoor. If not we encourage you to check it out and learn some new stuff on some old firearms every other week.

So, the title is not completely joking. These, are in fact, blanks with wood bullets. Wooden blanks have a few perks over your average crimped or lacquered blank. For one thing, these are made with proper feeding in mind as well as providing reusable brass.

“These wooden bullets/blanks were made to be used in conjunction with the blank fire device called Lösskjutningsanordning. The idea of using wooden bullets/blanks over any other form of blank is mainly reliable feeding. This way the wooden projectiles helped feed in the blanks while also being able to make a loud boom to train troops to get used to the noise. No grand mystery here! Not to simulate recoil via mass exiting the bore (there is no recoil), not to cause splinters and by proxy unnecessary suffering, and especially not vampire hunting. I made that last conjecture up, but someone out there has to have wondered. These wooden bullets/blanks were forbidden to be used in the sniper variant of the M96 Mauser mentioned in Part I.

-Curious Relics #014: M96 Swedish Mauser Part IV – Wooden Bullets”

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