AllOutdoor Review – Mossy Oak Wellness Supplements


AllOutdoor Review – Mossy Oak Wellness Supplements

Mossy Oak, the brand that became a household name for its industry-leading camouflage, has branched out into the wellness industry. Mossy Oak Wellness is the outdoor giant’s newest endeavor, an attempt to keep up with its customer bases’ desires and to compete with brands like MTN OPS.

The new brand is a collaboration with Ohio based OutdooRx, Inc. via a licensing and marketing partnership with Mossy Oak which is headquartered in Mississippi. Mossy Oak Wellness was inspired with the idea that to live a full and active life people should get outdoors as often as possible. The products are designed to help people feel better more often so that they can get outdoors as frequently as possible and stay outdoors for as long as possible.

“Mossy Oak has always been about connecting people with the outdoors,” Mossy Oak Founder and CEO Toxey Haas said. “Everything we do is intended to get people outside because we believe a life spent outdoors is the best life we can live.”

The Mossy Oak Wellness supplements are powder products that get mixed into water and come in single serve packaging. They are designed for performance and convenience. All varieties of the Mossy Oak Wellness FUEL hydration sticks are gluten free, dairy free, and made in the United States with domestic and internationally sourced materials. The products aim is to help customers “stay hydrated and stay healthy” while providing nutrients to optimize health and support wellness. Each hydration packet is sugar free, made without artificial colors, and only ten calories.

I tried four of the varieties in the Mossy Oak Wellness FUEL product line: Energy (cherry flavored), Focus (grape flavored), Recovery (lemon lime flavored), and Immune Health (orange flavored).

Mossy Oak Wellness – FUEL Energy

The marketing for the FUEL Energy packet touts that it could replace an afternoon coffee. That claim made me – someone who desperately relies on the afternoon coffee pick-me-up – doubtful. I gave it a try and the claim stood up. I was able to forgo my coffee that day and still felt attentive and energized. FUEL Energy packs have 100mg of naturally-derived caffeine, 1.7mg of vitamin B6 and 12mcg of vitamin B12. The caffeine in combination with the two B vitamins helps optimize energy metabolism. Mossy Oak Wellness just released FUEL Energy in a new flavor, Pink Lemonade.

Mossy Oak Wellness – FUEL Focus

FUEL Focus packs – which comes in two flavors: grape or cherry limeade – each contain 100mg of Cognizin®, a clinically-tested ingredient that helps with focus, concentration, and brain function. It also contains electrolytes, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and 100mg of caffeine. The grape flavored FUEL Focus packet tasted the best of the four flavors I tried. It also succeeded in helping me hone in my attention to the work that was piled on my desk and helped me power through. Of the four I sampled, grape-flavored FUEL Focus was my favorite. It tasted like grape Kool-Aid, but better. It quenched my thirst and increased my alertness.

Mossy Oak Wellness – FUEL Immune Health

FUEL Immune Health is packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, B, C, D, riboflavin, folate, selenium and zinc, and rounded out with 125mg of Wellmune® beta-glucan. Recent studies have reported that yeast-derived beta-glucans exert properties which may contribute to overall immune health. FUEL Immune Health comes in orange and sweet tea lemonade. This could be a great product to bring along during show season and while traveling especially during the first real post-COVID show season.

Mossy Oak Wellness – FUEL Recovery

Rounding out the FUEL wellness line is Recovery. This product is intended to soothe aching muscles by spurring the recovery process. The FUEL Recovery hydration packs come in two flavors, lemon lime and berry punch. FUEL Recovery has electrolytes, Vitamins B6 and B12 (including 500% of the daily value of Vitamin B12), 2.5 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to support muscle recovery, and more.

Overall, the FUEL line lived up to most of its claims. It helped with focus and clarity as well as energy and hydration. A life spent outdoors is an active life, so these products fit seamlessly into that lifestyle. They are portable, useful, and deliver a wide range of benefits to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mossy Oak Wellness is not the first time the Mossy Oak brand has branched off into new forays. In fact, it is only one in a line of many Mossy Oak brands. The company that started as a camouflage company in 1986 has grown tremendously and is now a full-fledged outdoor lifestyle brand. Its many holdings include Mossy Oak Fishing, Nativ Nurseries, BioLogic, GameKeepers, Mossy Oak Properties, GameKeeper Kennels, MOOSE Media, GameKeeper Butchery, Nativ Living, Mossy Oak Golf, and more. The company is ever-evolving to stay relevant in a tough industry.

The root company, Mossy Oak, (via Hass Outdoors) began when founder and CEO Toxey Haas had the idea to create a new kind of camouflage based on natural elements and hues. This new type of camouflage pattern led the way and revolutionized the outdoor industry. Since its inception, Mossy Oak has been a leader in the industry, always striving to stay on top of trends.

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