POTD: Remington Model 8 Semi-Automatic Police Rifle w/ Rare Magazine


POTD: Remington Model 8 Semi-Automatic Police Rifle w/ Rare Magazine

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! After Browning’s Auto 5 was introduced in 1902 he was excited to turn his long recoil mechanism into a rifle and he was basically done with Winchester at this point so he brought it to Remington. Fast forward to 1905 and you have the Remington Auto-Loading Rifle and then six years later its name was changed to the Remington Model 8! This specific example is fitted with a rare police extended magazine. This type of rifle was famously used in the shootout that killed Bonnie and Clyde.

“Produced in May of 1935, and upgraded by the Peace Officer Equipment Company with an enlarged beavertail forearm and a 15 round detachable magazine. Blade and semi-buckhorn sights, with the two line address and patent markings on top of the barrel, the model and serial number markings on the left side of the frame, and “Peace Officer Equipment Co/ St. Joseph-Mo./ Pat.Pend” on the matching numbered magazine. Smooth straight wrist stock with beavertail forearm, matching partial number on the takedown hardware, and a serrated buttplate.”

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