Generark’s New HomePower 2 Solar Generator Now Available


Generark’s New HomePower 2 Solar Generator Now Available

Life comes at you fast sometimes and that applies both at home and out on the range. I’ve had several occasions out in the field where I wished I had power for some of my more power-hungry devices. Generark has just announced that their new HomePower 2 Portable Solar Generator is available for pre-order. The HomePower 2 is capable of powering up to 9 different devices at one time and can be charged by the sun, or from a power outlet in your home or the inverter in your car or recreational vehicle. One unique use I think this has for all of us here at AllOutdoor is at the modern deer camp. Deer camps have come a long way and as much as we try to escape our electronics they seem to be quickly integrating themselves into our favorite hunting and shooting hobbies.

Generark’s New HomePower 2 Solar Generator Now Available

One of the coolest features of the HomePower 2 is its ability to keep 7 days worth of power on tap for up to a year without needing to be topped up. This means you could theoretically bring the generator with you to your deer camp or charge it and leave it in your car for when you need it most (probably an emergency). Where the HomePower 2 really shines is at home or perhaps out at your getaway cabin where storms can knock out power and turn your relaxing getaway into a hot and humid disaster with food going bad and with you unable to charge any communications equipment.

Generark's New HomePower 2 Solar Generator Now Available

The high power output of the generator means it can power virtually anything you’ll find within your home including large appliances, medical devices, lighting, and even power tools. As a promotional offer, Generark is currently selling the HomePower for $2,099 (with financing available). For a comprehensive list of power supply times and other features and specifications, you can visit the Generark website.

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